Eagle Landing

Eagle Landing

Through out British Columbia you can find Eagles nearly anywhere. Most of our rivers and streams have spawning Salmon during the summer and fall and it is not uncommon to find hundreds of these magnificent birds lining the  shores.

On the Hunt for Fish

On the Hunt for Fish

These birds will move to where the food is. Some areas of the Province hold annual Eagle counts and at times the number of these birds present is astounding! Some years though, the numbers are far below what they may have been the year before. That could mean a lower fish run meaning there is not enough food for the greater numbers.

The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed

Eating in a safe place

A Very Wet Eagle

A Very Wet Eagle

These photos have been taken from many geographic areas within BC. Remember to keep your camera ready as the next bend in the road, or hill you are hiking over may lead you into an opportunity to photograph some of these wonderful creatures!

This Eagle sits on a roof in a neighbourhood

This Eagle sits on a roof in a neighbourhood

Enjoy the Big Birds. They are plentiful and they are magnificent!

Enjoy British Columbia!


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  1. arpoasd71 says:

    Thank you Muriellerites. I always have one of my cameras with me just in case! Having travelled British Columbia I have come to recognize along time ago that not to carry a camera would be detrimental to preserving some very good memories.

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