Ghost House….or?


Ghost House...or?

Ghost House…or?

Driving the roads and back roads of British Columbia one can come across many old settlements and lonely old homes. Some of them are in the loneliest of places and very isolated while others appear now, near communities as the urban sprawl keeps spreading. This old red house is now part of a turf farm in the Fraser Valley near Fort Langley.


The above concrete building was part of the BC Electric Railway. This rail line, from New Westminster to Chilliwack began in 1910 and ran for many years providing transportation for local communities and for farmers.

Original school house from 1890's

Original school house from 1890’s

This original school house is from the 1890’s and can be found at 150 Mile House in the Province’s interior region.

Old school house 'outhouse'

Old school house ‘outhouse’

In some areas one needs to wander off the beaten path to discover treasures. The above photo is of an outdoor toilet near and old abandoned school. This is buried in a largely overgrown area far away from big cities and in a remote corner of the Province. One needs to know where to look to find it. Mostly the locals and a few First Nations people know the area now.

Wherever you travel expect to see the unexpected. Always have a camera ready as you never know when you will stumble across a scene like any of the ones depicted above. The farther afield you travel the more chances you will have of a real discovery!



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2 Responses to Ghost House….or?

  1. mysearchformagic says:

    Great photos, these buildings have such character.

  2. Ana Ela says:

    Fantastic photos – love the mossy red house…

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