Sunrise is a great part of our day! Depending where you may be in this great province of ours, you could be looking at something absolutely awesome or witness ascene that means something completely different to you.

Comox Sunrise

Depending on the sky, the colors that wash over everything can range from browns to yellows and blue. This is a comforting scene from the shoreline at Comox.

One foggy morning in Langley around 5:00 am I came across this and had to capture it on one of my cameras.

Langley foggy sunrise

British Columbia has such a wide and varied landscape. It would take a lifetime to explore every region and sub region.

Anderson River area just after sunrise

Sometimes what you witness could have spiritual meanings for you!

Filtered sunrise Courtenay

Northwest B.C. sunrise at -20c

Enjoy every moment that you can. If it means getting up early to watch the sunrise, do it and welcome it.

Sunrise leaving port Renfrew

What a great place! So many places to go and not enough time! When you have the chance to explore B.C., do it. You will come back!






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5 Responses to SUNRISE

  1. Lovely photos!
    If you like photography, we’d like to invite you to participate in our next Travel Photography Competition. Here are the details:
    Happy travels!

  2. arpoasd71 says:

    See you there! Thanks.

  3. Great post! You live in a truly amazing place and it’s good that you’re aware of it. 😉
    Just keep up the good work!

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