Beautiful British Columbia

This Province has a myriad of plants and flowers. Traveling through any community, along the highways or hiking the mountainous back country you will invariably come across a sight that is absolutely gorgeous. I am talking about flowers, flowering trees, flowering anything.

Rhododendron glory!

B.C. has a climate that is varied. The southern portion, near the Pacific Ocean is quite mild and allows for many varieties of plants that may not grow elsewhere in Canada. Wherever you may find yourself, watch for the beauty around you!

Swamp beauty!

Another swamp beauty!

It is not uncommon during the summer season while hiking alpine trails to come upon a meadow and witness marvelous colors from wildflowers covering the meadow.

Alpine flowers in Manning Park (photo courtesy Manning Park)


Indian Paintbrush common in the west can be found along roadsides or deep in along meadows throughout most of B.C.

Wherever you travel in British Columbia, keep your eyes open for more of Natures beauty. To list and to show all would take pages and pages of this Blog. Enjoy them and remember; stop and smell the roses, or the lilies, or any of the species you may come across.

British Columbia’s Pacific Dogwood is protected by legislation. Read more about it below.


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