Highway 37 (Stewart Cassier) from Kitwanga to Meziadin

This stretch of road in the Northwest of this Province is pretty good. In summertime one needs to watch out for many tourists from the south. Often times you can come around a corner only to find a large motor home stopped in your lane and the occupants leaning out a window feeding a bear. This is not only dangerous but is against the law.

One of many, many bears to be seen along hwy 37

Beginning at Kitwanga where Hwy 37 starts at the junction with Hwy 16, the sites you will see actually begin here.

Totems in the Village of Kitwanga

In summertime the drive is really very nice. Because these northern roads are remote and because inclement weather can strike at any time, always, always drive prepared. The highway takes you through many different valleys and past rivers and streams offering a myriad of photo opportunities.

Highway 37 near Kitwanga looking South

In winter the road can be nasty. This is when you absolutely need to be prepared for anything!

eight feet of snow fell over 48 hours here at the Nass River pullout

But I digress because summer is the time to be here!

Highway 37 near Cranberry Junction

Bear to close, near Meziadin Junction

Winter at Meziadin

At Meziadin Junction there is fuel and a store to buy supplies. You head west to Stewart or continue along Hwy 37 onward to Dease Lake and eventually the Alaska Highway!

Have fun. This is well worth exploring!


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