Seal Bay Park – Vancouver Island

Just north of Comox, along the waters edge is a wonderful park to explore. It covers both sides of Bates road heading north and as such offers a variety of trails and terrain. On the west side are looped trails that bring you through heavily wooded areas and past swamps. The other side of Bates Road the top trail is looped and then trails off the side of that drop down to the beach.

Map of Seal Bay

The walk down to the beach area is fun in itself. The trail is steep but many portions of it have board walks to hike on and handrails in spots too.

Safe walking on trail to Beach

Once down on the rocky beach expect to see many types of wildlife! Of course you want to see a seal!

Seal nosing up in front of Seal Bay Park

Seals at Seal Bay Park

Harlequin Duck

Next time you are in the Comox area and have a little time to spare please check out Seal Bay Park. Hike both sides of Bates Road as the trails offer much to see. In the fall watch for bears as they scrounge for the last bits of food.

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