Terrace, in the Northwest Corner of the Province is an absolutely gorgeous place! Vivid in your face scenery, Skeena River, wonderful history and people who are friendly and willing to help. Almost hosting a micro climate, Terrace grows quite a variety of fruit trees. On the ‘Bench’, a residential area above Terrace it is not unusual to see no snow at the one end of it and a couple miles away at the College there may still be a good foot of the white stuff! This is because of the wind patterns and what may be exposed to winter suns of course.


Ferry Island is on the approach to Terrace from the west. A very nice location for camping and a wonderful area to walk. There is a center walkway (as shown above) shared with some vehicles, and walks that circle the island. Watch out for things watching you though as there are 50 or so strangers who may be watching through the brush!


Summer or winter, the Terrace area offers much to do. From excellent salmon fishing in the Skeena River to skiing and snow sledding in the wintertime. It is a great place to live and to visit.


Fall Day in Terrace


Terrace as seen from Thornhill Mountain


The old train bridge and the old vehicle bridge over the Skeena River.


An easy and scenic two hour flight from Vancouver to Terrace will get you there the quickest way, or the drive up highway 97 and then west along highway 16 will allow you to see even more of the Province.


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