Mount Washington on Vancouver Island

At 517 centimetres, the resort’s mid-mountain base is the deepest of any ski hill in the world, more than twice as much snow as major ski destinations such as Aspen in Colorado or Mammoth in California, Mr. Curtain said (Mount Washington Spokesman 2010).

Located mid island on Vancouver Island, Mount Washington is a mecca for ski enthusiasts in the winter and hiking and major mountain biking in the summertime. Standing on top on a clear day you can see the City of Campbell River to the north and Courtenay and Comox off a little to the south-east.

View from the top as mist rolls in

Below is a photo showing part of the biking trails that you can find yourself careening down!

Bike Trail

It is always wonderful to come across the very rare and protected Vancouver Island Marmot!

RARE Vancouver Island Marmot

Enjoy your time on the mountain. Whether hiking, biking or skiing you are bound to have a great time. After it is all done enjoy a cool (or hot) drink at the bottom in the clubhouse. Enjoy Mount Washington!

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1 Response to Mount Washington on Vancouver Island

  1. putusernamehere says:

    Looks like a Killer trail love these photos. What camera did you use to take these?

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