Roche de Boule-The Hazeltons

As you enter New Hazelton from the south or South Hazelton from the north-west an image stands out in front of you; that of the mountain Roche de Boule! What a magnificent image indeed! Standing in South Hazelton (or South Town as locals call it), Old Hazelton (yup-Old Town) or New Hazelton (New Town) Roche de Boule grabs your attention.

This area is rich in folklore and history. Hazelton was settled in 1866 with the Overland Telegraph coming through the area. The scenery is magnificent, especially the canyon that the Bulkley River flows through on its way to the Skeena River. The old Hagwilget bridge that crosses the canyon on your way from New Town to ‘Two Mile’ and Old Town is worth stopping at. Explore this area as it holds many things to discover that will create untold memories for you. Try to find the Bulkley Canyon Gate, a natural phenomenon of limestone pillars and what looks like an old manmade cement or rock across the Bulkley River. Amazing stuff!,_British_Columbia


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