British Columbia Rocks!

Born and raised in the Province, I have had a chance to travel most areas and have lived in five distinct regions as well. British Columbia has beauty almost beyond compare and one needs only to travel to any geographical area to take it in.

From the magnificent beaches on the west side of Vanouver Island to the vast wilderness of our boreal region in the north, breathtaking beauty awaits for those wanting to see more of the Province. Some amazing sights await the traveller who will stray from the beaten path and chance discoveries down not so heavily travelled roads; and there are many!

Have you ever seen real totem poles standing where they were stood a century or more ago? There are a number of Native villages and some fairly remote areas that one can still see a real totem pole. It is even a more fulfilling experience when you discover what each totem is representing and why.

How about natural geological formations? There are plenty of these scattered through-out B.C., such as the Pinnacles found at Pinnacle Park in Quesnel. Quesnel is located in the northern region of the famous Cariboo country (made famous by the Cariboo Gold Rush of the 1800’s). These pinnacles are hoodoos reaching upward from a deep narrow gulley.

Enjoy British Columbia! It truly is a fantastic place.

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